www.winnersO.com Rewards for Johnny’s Saloon 17428 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach, CA 92648  (714)848-0676


Thank you for joining us in the Winners Circle - PROMO FOR THE NEW YEAR  PART 2- (Jan 15th - 30th)!

1. Click on the GOLD GEAR below and complete        the 30 second form and ENTER “ 2013” in the COMMENTS section to receive your REWARD...

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  1. 3.Enjoy your COMPLIMENTARY MUSIC - !

(Click the “G” below on Thursdays for Artwork by Gordo)...

Pretty cool huh?

Big things coming up @ The Winners Circle at Johnny’s!

Tell your friends, tip your bartenders, enjoy your night and welcome to Johnny’s Saloon!

  1. 2. Once completed, you’ll see this image below (minus the “sample” text of course) and within 24 hours you will receive a “Digital Download” of 3 songs - rock tracks that will play in your media player, iTunes, your vehicle, iPod, etc. just simply to thank you for trying the Winners Circle !