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I have done business with Jim Miller and Rick Grove as a consultant of I.S.A. and I am finally fed up with the lies that I have dealt with from these individuals as well as reached my threshold of tolerance that they basically stole a year’s worth of commissions from me.

This site is mostly audio from me since I have no time, energy or interest to type out a year’s worth of negative experiences from trying to work with these individuals and simply get paid for my honest work for them. For the record, I have tried email, certified letter, telephone calls, contacting their attorney, flying from Los Angeles to Chicago, and finally preparing a lawsuit that was dismissed (without prejudice) due to the continued dishonest practices of Jim Miller and Richard L. Grove and have been just lied to, stolen from and disrespected to a point that this website has to exist to protect others from experiencing the same results. These two men are dishonest individuals. I have not been paid for my services and have been victimized by them because of their lack of character and desire to just take from me contrary to our contract between us.

The I.R.S. and F.B.I., the organizations that I.S.A. and N.I.S.A. have licenses with as well as the public need to know about these men and the illegal and dishonest practices they exercise while abusing the licenses they have that should be used to convey only the highest levels of character and business practice. Prior to posting this website, I communicated one last time to Jim Miller to pay me for my services where he interpreted that I was “extorting” him if I “go public” with this information. It’s not extortion to any degree. Jim and Rick owe me money and just decided to not pay me. That never happened so I am just taking my experience to others that can benefit from it. At this point, I don’t even care about the money I will never see. I am just making this public to protect and inform others.

These men are out of control and should be stripped of their licenses to protect or “secure” any one or any person’s money/investments. They also should be thrown in prison for their actions.

It is quite sad to have to spend time and energy on this site to protect the people they should be protecting.

All comments, inquiries and hate mail can be sent to me through the “contact page”.


A United States Veteran.


Why this site exists...

The message below is so strange, disturbing and ignorant all in one shot. It’s mind-numbing to read an actual admission from a POLICE OFFICER who is correcting me for being “rude” or whatever in the office when I went to pick up the items that Jim and Rick stole from me in California. These men were armed, not to mention there were like 6-7 of them in the building. His recollection of events is so distorted it’s almost comical. I actually just waited outside Rick’s office quietly while Rick spoke on the phone. The office went berserk on my camera man and I. This “officer” actually admits he has been affected by Jim Miller yet again, no one does anything. How about arresting Jim Miller? These www.nisateam.com guys scare pretty easily I guess... I just simply asked for my property as I was unarmed and when they didn’t give it to me, I called the Tinley Park Police that of course Rick lied to stating he didn’t have my property. If I had done something wrong, surely I would have been arrested. I just think they have never had a visitor from one of their victims before that’s why this “officer” is crying and complaining  here. Tall tales from Mr.”Strait”...


NEW DEVELOPMENTS Mar 2009: Chicago Investor submits JIM MILLER’S JUDGEMENT. That’s right Jim Miller is finally proven that he is dishonest in a court of law. VISIT THE NEW “JUDGEMENTS PAGE” for more info on Jim Miller’s past catching up with him.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS Feb 2009: A victim of Jim Miller’s contacts www.investigative-agency.net of a “judgement” against Jim Miller in San Diego California for alleged fraud. San Diego Court Case # 37-2007-00064264-CU-BC-CTL . We are looking into this currently. Feel free to research this and send a confirmation to the site on the CONTACT page.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS Feb 2009: New “Testimonial” from Jim’s co-worker that I hurt his feelings as he tells his dramatic story on www.ripoffreport.com / http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/345/RipOff0345195.htm  featured below on how Jim stole from them too!

NEW DEVELOPMENTS Jan 2009: Jim’s NEW attorney (ahem, number 5 or 6 by now) sends harassment letter to me. (below) Feel free to call Mr.Robert Lewinthal’s office at (847)480-0110  or email Lewinthal@comcast.net if you have any questions or wish to serve Jim Miller or Rick Grove paperwork.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS Nov 2008: Jim randomly wastes the L.A.Court’s time and the IVAY investor’s money once again as well as the money he stole from me and prepares a case to the same court he lied to about not having a business in California.