The audio to the left is about the Holiday Inn account that I got for I.S.A. and that Jim and Rick lost and blew this deal for everyone’s return on their investment into I.S.A.

Also you can contact Patty Orlick at the Holiday Inn in accounting to confirm this. Her number is (630)279-1100 ext: 7276

624 North York Road • Elmhurst, Illinois 60126
Phone: (630) 279-1100 • Fax: (630) 279-4038
Toll Free: 1-877-H20-4FUN (1-877-426-4386)

This is a section of audio that discusses the hyping of the stock, why Jim Miller has a Myspace account and is “friends” with other people that know Ray Nize on Myspace but Jim can’t find Ray following “going to the F.B.I.”.

Below you will see that not only does Jim have a myspace page that connects with Jae (the director or Truth Hall, the film Jim put up $10,000.00 of investor’s money to get his girlfriend Micayla into the film.) but also is connected to Ray’s former girlfriend - Courni. In other words, if Jim really wanted to be a detective and find Ray Nize, he would simply ask the people he is socially connected with and then close his myspace account and start running a business.

Jim Miller’s myspace account is: 

Ray’s former girlfriend’s myspace account:

Jae’s myspace account (Truth Hall - the movie Jim put up $10,000.00 for his girlfriend to be in. Jae is the person that received the $10,000.00  :

Feel free to contact these resources to learn more about Jim Miller or help Jim in his search for Ray Nize.